Thursday, 26 November 2020

Boy Book Review

 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be talking about what I have been doing for Reading. So for reading we have been reading novel study's I read the story Boy by Roald Dahl and I will be sharing with you today my opinion aka a book review on what the novel is like. 

I chose this novel out of the lot because I am usually interested in reading Roald Dahl and David Walliam books,  and I thought that it would make sense for me to choose that novel also because one of the novel selections I read it the last time we were doing a novel study. Over all I think this book is a really detailed well explained book but only read it if you are into really old fashioned type of books. Meaning older words, and stuff like that. 

My favourite part of this story was the part were it talks about the boazers because it was really interesting and I found it nice that we still semi have something that can relate to what it was like back then. Obviously not the beating up part but the sort of leader side of things. 

There were heaps of characters in this book and no I can't remember all there names but I remember one and that was the lady that had the "encounter" with the rat. Mrs Pratchett.

I recommend this book to people who are interested in biography's and old styled written books. Also if you enjoy reading mystery type books. Out of five I would rate this story a 3/5 because it is well written but its just not my cup of tea.

Here is the Author Roald Dahl.....

Roald Dahl - Books, Characters & Quotes - Biography

I hope you enjoyed reading this book review. 

Wednesday, 25 November 2020


 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be talking about what I have been doing for Writing / Art. So for this hurumanu we have been writing a persuasive speech. My speech was about why I think gum should be allowed in class / school. Something I enjoyed from this speech unit is researching the information and turning it into paragraphs I liked it because it turned something little and not useless but not detailed into something detailed and big. 

I really struggled with parts of the writing which were finding more information to make the speech 2-3 minutes long which was our time target, and it was difficult finding ways to add more information to make it longer. It was also hard finding new things to write about and not repeating the same point over and over again. But I pushed through by researching and re -reading the speech over and over again.

I learnt by recording myself that I struggled with reading and looking at the screen at the same time, so concentrating on multiple things. I am a clear speaker usually I just can't be as good when its being recorded right in front of me. 

I think that persuasive writing is good because it can help you defend yourself and argue your way through things like if you disagree with someone. It can also expand your knowledge on the topic you are learning about. 

Unfortunately the person that has my recording is away so when I next see her I will ask her to send the video through and put it on this blog post. 

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Gymnastics ~ Term 4

 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be talking about what we have been doing for P.E. So for in P.E we have been doing gymnastics. We have been learning many different things and many different parts of gymnastics like trampoline, beam etc.

Four things you can do on the trampoline is swivel hips, front flip, back flip and knee flip. On the beam you can do hops, leaps, frog jumps and walking backwards. Another thing is parallel bars you can do many things on these like walking on hands - forwards and backwards, leg lifts and tuck jumps.

Another part of gymnastics is the bar you can do a forward flip on the bar and a circle up, roll off bar and a tuck legs through roll. On the floor/mat you can do a cartwheel, handstand, headstand and a forwards roll, and on the mini trampoline you can do a crash dive, flip, tuck jumps and barani.

Something new that I have learnt this term is how many parts to gymnastics there is. 

Monday, 23 November 2020

EOTC Tasks

 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be talking about what I have been doing for Wananga so for Wananga we were given a choice of tasks to do and you have to do one task out of each topic.....

Here is my Jelly Park task......

What activity are you looking forward to doing the most ?

I am looking forward to the adrenaline forest activity because I enjoy climbing and there is a lot of that in this activity. I am also looking forward to it because it seems like the most active activity out of the three activities. 

The activity that I am doing for extra for experts is finding three photos from an art gallery and writing about how they make me feel, like maybe what senses they make you think of. 

The first picture I chose was this..

It reminds of this time when I went out on my poppas boat and we went near something bay and it was so pretty. This was in Picton and we drove to this little restaurant thing and parked the boat up and then went inside and the view was exactly like this. You could see other boats and the other smaller islanders surrounding the island we were on. It was really enjoyable and the food was delicious. 

This reminds me of the second part on the boat with Poppa we ended up staying on the boat for the night and when we woke up at around 12:00am the anchor had dragged in the night and we ended up closer to the docks and saw all the boats. 

This looks to me like a monkey wrapped in a snakes skin with fur over it. I am un-sure on what it is but it looks very strange and different from the other art that I saw in the art gallery. 

Friday, 20 November 2020

Boy ~ Week 6 Fast Finishers task

 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be sharing with you the school uniform that Felicity and I made as part of the tasks that were given. The actual task was to create a new school uniform, you could choose the aesthetic and everything. Me and my partner decided to incorporate our school colours into the uniform.

Here is the uniform..

I hope you like our uniform :)

Wednesday, 18 November 2020

Speech Writing

 Kia Ora Fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For the past 2 weeks we have been working on writing a persuasive speech. We have been practicing reading our speech out loud for around 2 lessons now I am pretty sure that its around 2 lessons. Anyway I really enjoyed writing this speech, as one of my passions is writing. At times I did find it difficult to add onto the writing so I worked on one speech at a time, and then once I had finished each paragraph I added them together and changed them around to completely make sense.

Here is my speech..

Bonjour, my name is Shelby. Have you ever thought it was weird that you aren’t

allowed to chew gum in class? Well today I will be sharing with you

why I think we should be allowed to chew gum in class. 

Mrs Handley, a Senior Geography teacher at Hornby High School told me that the reason

for not chewing gum is it takes ages to get of the concrete and damages things like tables,

chairs etc, but I said if they get rid of the rule then kids will stop hiding the gum

under tables and chairs and then the cleaner will have less to no gum to clean up. 

Studies have shown that chewing gum can improve concentration in visual memory tasks,

sustained attention and it reduces stress. You may be wondering how chewing gum helps

concentration, well it helps because it is proven that any repetitive activity helps people

concentrate. Chewing gum also reduces heartburn and helps with weight loss meaning it

distracts you from wanting to eat food. Another thing that chewing gum helps with is having

fresh breath which could possibly cancel out any stress about bad breath one more thing it

eliminates is nausea. Meaning less students missing out on learning because of feeling nauseous.

There are more reasons why gum is good like it keeps your teeth healthy.

It does this by increasing your saliva flow and it also removes leftover food from your teeth.

A dental association also recommends chewing gum to stop cavities. The best gum to eat is

sugar free gum and gum with ginger or mint in it especially if you are already Ill trust me it is

a lot better than eating a dessert and they are natural remedies so it won’t do any harm.

Also there are heaps of different brands and flavours so you never get bored with it.

To summarize this speech I think that we should be allowed to chew

gum as it doesn’t harm people in fact all it does is benefit people’s health. Don’t you

want to be able to chew gum in school ?.

I hope you enjoyed reading my speech, Do you have any feedback?


Tuesday, 17 November 2020

100 Word Challenge

 Kia Ora fellow readers and welcome back to another blog post. For today's blog post I will be sharing with you my 100 Word Challenge story.

Here is my story...

I once heard a myth about these magic bubbles, it was said they could take you anywhere you would

like. Ever since I heard about these I had been on the hunt for one looking in forests near hills. Anywhere

you could think of I had looked. I of course still lived a normal life, like went to school and all just instead

of hanging out with friends and family I would be hunting for this magic bubble. So there again I was

searching for a bubble but this time I went under water, then I found one and traveled to Greece. 

I hope you enjoyed my blog post.